NDP urges Trudeau to act following resignation of Lt.-Col. Eleanor Taylor

FEDERAL NDP Critic for Women and Gender Equality, Lindsay Mathyssen, on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make concrete changes in the Canadian Armed Forces to deal with gendered discrimination and harassment.

Mathyssen said: “Lt.-Col. Eleanor Taylor’s decision to leave the Canadian Armed Forces shows that the culture within this organization is toxic and unwelcoming to women. These instances of sexual misconduct are not isolated, there is a well documented pattern of gendered discrimination and harassment making it impossible for women in the forces to thrive and serve equally.”

She added: “The Prime Minister needs to stop ignoring these allegations and make concrete changes to the system now, before more women like Lt.-Col. Eleanor Taylor are forced out of their careers. This is his responsibility; he promised this three years ago but members of our forces are still left waiting.”

Mathyssen said: “Women across the country are watching closely to see how the Prime Minister handles these allegations of sexual harassment and violence. So far he has only shown that he does not take them seriously. Women are concerned, upset and some are scared of losing a career they’ve spent their lives building. The Prime Minister needs to stand with them and be a true ally. ”​