NDP wants public inquiry into health firing scandal after Premier admits to misleading public

John Horgan  Photo by Chandra Bodalia
John Horgan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

PREMIER Christy Clark’s surprise admission on Friday that her government misled the public about the existence of an RMCP investigation into the health researchers fired in 2012 is a shocking and disturbing new development in her government’s long attempt to avoid accountability, B.C. New Democrats said on Monday.

“This scandal speaks directly to the character of the premier,” said NDP Leader John Horgan. “An innocent person is dead and seven others had their lives thrown into turmoil after this government falsely announced they were under an RCMP investigation. The premier has finally admitted this is true. Now, there must be action and real accountability.”

The health firings are the latest of a long series of deceptions and token investigations from the Christy Clark government, reaching back to the “quick wins” scandal.

The premier’s stunning admission comes only days after the privacy commissioner launched a new probe into allegations the Clark government routinely destroys embarrassing public records.

“Christy Clark’s mantra is to do ‘whatever it takes to win,’ even after the suicide of a former employee or after at least 17 women are missing or murdered on the Highway of Tears,” Horgan said. “It’s deplorable.”

“The premier can’t run away from a public inquiry,” Horgan said. “The bureaucrats and cabinet ministers involved in this affair must be called to testify under oath.”