NDP wasting more time and money, no plan to lower ICBC rates: BC Liberals

BC Liberals noted on Thursday that NDP Attorney General David Eby has announced Premier John Horgan and the NDP’s decision to waste further time and taxpayer dollars on a new roundabout scheme to limit expert witness reports in ICBC cases, this on the heels of the BC Supreme Court’s recent decision to rule the original changes unconstitutional.

“NDP interference with ICBC has resulted in sky-high auto insurance rates, a $400 million hole in John Horgan’s budget, and further exposed David Eby’s incompetence on this file,” said Jas Johal, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough. “The BC Supreme Court put David Eby in his place for disrespecting the law by attempting to limit the use of expert medical reports in ICBC cases. Instead of apologizing to British Columbians, the NDP have decided the courts are wrong and will now attempt to limit expert reports by other means, which will no doubt face legal challenges as well.”

B.C. drivers have seen the average ICBC premium go up a whopping 18.2 per cent under the NDP and ICBC projects an additional 24 per cent increase in premium prices over the next three years.

“Instead of rewriting the ICBC rules at the expense of drivers, John Horgan and the NDP should be focused on lowering ICBC rates for drivers,” said Johal. “ICBC rates are sky-rocketing under the NDP and people in our province are paying the highest car insurance premiums in the country — it’s time to provide people a choice when it comes to their auto insurance.”