NDP: Wilkinson’s platform hides his tax plans until after election

THE BC NDP said on Tuesday that BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s platform promises to review taxes – but not until after the election: 

“Appoint an independent Fair Tax Commission, comprised of non-partisan economic experts, to immediately review all provincial taxes, and to recommend which should be adjusted, reduced or eliminated.”

It said Wilkinson’s record shows why he won’t tell people which taxes he’ll cut. In the last three years, Wilkinson has supported $3 billion in tax breaks for the richest British Columbians and largest businesses. The taxes that Wilkinson has opposed since 2017 include:

  • Employer Health Tax on biggest 15% of businesses: $1.8 billion
  • The speculation and vacancy tax: $80 million
  • School tax on homes over $3 million: $200 million
  • Tax on top 2% of income earners: $328 million
  • Tax on top 1% of income earners: $216 million
  • 1% corporate income tax increase: $296 million
  • Total: $2.9 billion

Wilkinson’s record on these taxes is available here.

BC NDP candidate Selina Robinson said: “British Columbians deserve to know where the parties stand on issues like taxes and public services before the election. Andrew Wilkinson’s record is clear. He supports billions in tax breaks for the richest British Columbians. He’s hiding those plans until after the election because he knows everyone else will pay for it with higher fees and cuts to services like healthcare and education. Andrew Wilkinson is a risk people can’t afford.”