ON THE ROAD with HARVEY: Plan ahead for a fun, safe summer vacation


ICBC Road Safety Coordinator


SUMMER has arrived and for many of us that means it’s time to slow down and enjoy a much needed vacation. Whether you’re staying close to home or hitting the road for a getaway, you’ll probably be filling your days with activities you love, trying new ones or just relaxing in the sunshine.

While we all spend time planning our annual summer vacations, it’s important that we also plan for a safe ride home if any of our activities involve alcohol. In B.C., an average of 44 people are killed in impaired-related crashes during the summer months every year. These crashes could be prevented by simply planning ahead and making the smart choice to not drive if you’ve been drinking.

When you’re away from home in new surroundings, you may not be familiar with all of the options available to get home safely after you’ve had a few drinks. Is there taxi service? Does the hotel offer a shuttle service? Is transit running when you want to head home? Program local taxi and shuttle service numbers into your cell phone and keep transit information handy. Check your options before you head out so you can relax knowing you have a plan to get home safely.

During the summer months in the Southern Interior, the population swells with visitors to hotspots like Kelowna, Osoyoos and Penticton and so do the number of people killed in impaired related crashes.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the Interior, you’ll probably want to enjoy a day at the beach, play a round a golf or visit some of the stunning wineries. If you decide to visit a winery to experience the gorgeous lake views, gourmet food and delicious wines, make sure you have a designated driver before you start your wine tour. Remember that a true designated driver is one who doesn’t drink. Or book one of the many tour operators and let them take care of the driving for you.

You might also choose to stay in town to spend some time at local beaches, patio restaurants, outdoor festivals or to attend a wedding. If you find yourself without a safe ride home, remember it’s never too late to call a taxi, take transit or call a sober friend.

Wherever your vacation plans take you, make sure you have fun and plan ahead if you’ll be drinking. And remember to take your turn as the designated driver this summer to help your friends and family get home safely.

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