ONTARIO: Seva Food Bank Malton

We are so pleased to celebrate our 8th anniversary this year! Please honour us by joining us to mark the occasion with our Kirtan (prayer) program. This year is special, as we will also kick off construction of our Community Teaching Kitchen at the same time! Everyone is welcome as we come together as a community, give thanks to the Divine Creator for being blessed with the ability to serve those less fortunate, and collectively pray for a brighter future for all.
In 2010, Seva Food Bank began as an initiative of Sikhs Serving Canada… and opened up to us an amazing community of clients, volunteers, donors and staff. We could not have foreseen the tremendous amount of goodwill in the diverse community we support. We are now honoured to serve almost 900 families, to whom we provide a variety of support services and over 60,000 pounds of food monthly. Our two locations in Mississauga run with the tireless support of a committed staff team of five, a passionately involved board of eleven and an active volunteer base of over 200. Our food banks are generally happy hives of activity – and we love welcoming our community in – so do visit us!
Date: Saturday 8 September, 2018
Time: 1-3pm
Place: Seva Food Bank in Malton; 2832 Slough Street, Mississauga, L4T 1G3
Please RSVP before noon on Friday 31 August.