OPCC orders review into conduct of SPS Constable Rajbir Thaper

THE Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner announced on Wednesday that it has ordered a review by a retired judge into the findings of a discipline proceeding relating to allegations of ‘Discreditable Conduct and Corrupt Practice’ against a member of the Surrey Police Service (SPS). 

SPS Constable Rajbir Thaper was investigated under the Police Act in relation to an off-duty incident where he was issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) for failing a breath test on an Approved Screening Device (ASD). During the traffic stop, Thaper attempted to use his position as a police officer to obtain preferential treatment from the investigating members and was found to have been driving with an expired driver’s license. 

The matter was investigated by the SPS and during a subsequent discipline proceeding, Thaper was found to have committed two allegations of discreditable conduct and one allegation of corrupt practiceThe discipline authority recommended that Thaper receive a five-day suspension without pay for driving while impaired and three-day suspension without pay for seeking preferential treatment, to be served concurrently, and a written reprimand for driving with an expired driver’s license. 

In his Notice of Review on the Record issued on Wednesday, the Police Complaint Commissioner has determined that the proposed discipline does not adequately address the seriousness of Thaper’s conduct and that the level of discipline proposed by the discipline authority does not sufficiently consider several aggravating factors. The Police Complaint Commissioner has further determined that a Review on the Record is necessary in the public interest. 

Retired BC Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Arnold-Bailey will preside as the adjudicator of the Review on the Record, which has yet to be scheduled. 

Updates on the review will be shared on the OPCC website.

The full notice of review is available here.