Oregon state in U.S. declares April as Vaisakhi month

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

THE US state of Oregon has declared April as the ‘Sikh American Community’s Celebration of Vaisakhi month’ in recognition of the contributions of the minority community, reports PTI.

Vaisakhi, celebrated on April 14, is commemorated by millions of Sikhs annually.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a proclamation on Monday declaring April as “Sikh American Community’s Celebration of Vaisakhi month” and noted that the community continue to make great strides towards security religious liberty as patriotic members of the US Armed Forces.

The proclamation said that Sikhs in the US pursue diverse professions and walk of life, making rich contributions to the economic vibrancy of the United States as farmers, engineers, doctors, scientists and other fields.

Noting that Sikh religion is based on a belief in one God, and the equality of all human beings, the proclamation said Vaisakhi is one of the most religiously significant days in Sikh history.

In the last one month, Oregon is the fourth American State to have declared the month of April for Sikhism, the three other states being Indiana, Delaware and New Jersey.

In Oregon, the city of Salem declared April 14 as Vaisakhi Festival Day.

“This is an important event in the history of Sikh Americans in Oregon,” said businessman Bahadur Singh, Chairman of Gadhar Memorial Foundation, who led the delegation to Oregon to receive the proclamation.