Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association sends flowers to innocent victims of Peshawar in shape of Quran recitation


AS a tribute to the Peshawar ‘martyrs,’ the Pakistani Canadian Cultural Association of BC (PCCA BC) arranged the recitation of Quran (prayer session) at the Fiji Islamic Center, Surrey. Thirty one plus Quran e Karim were recited and blessed to all those who have been martyred by terrorists.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Mohammad Tariq, Consul General of Pakistan in Vancouver, expressed his feelings over the unfortunate Peshawar incident and assured the Pakistani community that the Government of Pakistan is taking all the necessary measures to curb terrorism in Pakistan and bring peace to the region. He sought the community’s help in this regard and appreciated the efforts of the PCCA to arrange the gathering.

Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo, religious consultant of Az-Zahra Islamic Community Centre of British Columbia, spoke about the contributing factors of terrorism and provided some points on how to tackle them. He indicated that the Pakistan Government should not differentiate acts of terror and fight them all no matter what shape and form they take.

unnamed (1)Another religious scholar, Mufti Aasim Rashid, BCMA Media Relations Director, underscored the need to have faith in Allah and unity within the community. He denounced terrorism in all forms and advised the youth of the community to stay away from such groups that would promote hate. He also mentioned if the Canadian Muslims follow their religious leaders who are making efforts of Din e Islam only here in the Lower Mainland they will not get into radicalization. Only when children start following others who teach their messages on the social media and suddenly you see someone pack up and leave, that becomes an issue. Mufti Aasim Rashid highlighted the importance of parents to keep checks on their children’s use of the Internet. PCCA- BC will release video highlights of the talks.

PCCA-BC President Naveed Waraich highlighted the fact that the community is sending the flowers to the Peshawar children by reciting the Quran over 31 times. He thanked the community members who spent day and night reading the Quran to send blessings to ‘our lovely kids.’

Waraich requested the community to get involved as they spent their time and resources to organize such events for the community with great love and spirit. Public Relations Director Iftikhar Ghumman thanked all the PCCA directors for arranging the prayers and all the community members who joined the prayers and those for some reason were not able to attend. He also thanked the media who is taking their role very responsibly and providing events coverage so community understands that their representatives are active in this regard.