Pakistani Canadian photographer offers free of cost portraits of Bhagat Singh

pakistani artistA Pakistani Canadian photographer is offering free of cost portraits of Bhagat Singh on the occasion of 106th birth anniversary of the towering South Asian revolutionary.

Hamid Abdul, a full time professional photographer and a progressive community activist has announced that anyone who needs Bhagat Singh’s portrait can call his studio in Surrey for a free copy. His studio “Gallery 7’’ is located near the Canadian immigration and citizenship office in Surrey Central Mall.

Abdul has a tremendous respect for Bhagat Singh, who was born on September 28, 1907 in an undivided India. Bhagat Singh, who died as an atheist was opposed to religious fanaticism. He alongside two more revolutionaries was hanged in Lahore jail in 1931 for assassinating a British police officer. Recently, progressive groups in Pakistan also celebrated his birth anniversary in Lahore despite threats from Islamic fundamentalists.


  1. Hamid Sahib,
    It is very good way to pay respect to Great Bhagat Singh!
    People like Bhagat singh never dies!

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