Paying off mortgage and credit cards, helping family and fishing in Fiji for Surrey Lotto Max winner

EXHILARATION and relief are some of the choice words Surrey’s Mohammed Khan used to describe his feelings after matching all seven numbers to win $1 million in the Lotto Max Maxmillions draw held Friday, November 30, according to BCLC.

The retiree says his win is actually a happy mistake. “When I bought the ticket at the 7-Eleven on King George Boulevard, I picked eight numbers, not seven,” said Khan. “The clerk told me I had too many numbers, so I removed number 28. It made my timing perfect to buy the ticket.”

The lottery winner has been buying tickets for decades and is looking forward to living life a little easier. “This will give us the freedom to do some traveling and help some relatives who need help,” adds Khan.

First for Khan and his wife, however, are plans to pay off the mortgage and credit cards, and then buy a new car. After that, “I want to go fishing in my home country of Fiji,” Khan said, gleaming. “Now I can feel relieved that I have no more debt. I’ve worked hard all my life. This will help.”

Khan is one of 33 British Columbians to win a Lotto Max Maxmillions prize in 2018.


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