Peel Regional Police: Honouring 320 years of Sikh history


ONTARIO’S Peel Regional Police on Friday issued the following statement:

This week we would like to honour the celebration of Vaisakhi, which for Sikhs signifies the birth of the Khalsa.

It was in April 1699 when Sikhs were blessed with an internal code of conduct and a uniform based on the five Ks by the tenth Guru:

  1. Kesh: uncut hair.
  2. Kangha: a wooden comb for the hair.
  3. Kara: an iron bracelet.
  4. Kachera: a cotton undergarment.
  5. Kirpan: an iron dagger.

Chief Chris McCord and Peel Regional Police Chaplain Inderpal Singh share with you a celebratory video message to highlight this important day in world history.

“We know Peel Region is one of the most diverse communities in Canada and that is something we value. The more we can learn about other cultures within our community the more we grow and flourish.” said McCord.

The Region of Peel Khalsa Day Parade, also known as Nagar Kirtan, takes place on May 5 at Sri Guru Singh Sabha (7280 Airport Road) in the City of Mississauga.  The parade will be led by five ‘beloved ones’, known as the Panj Pyaare and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (the current Guru of the Sikhs). There will be processions through the streets and you can expect participants to sing hymns from Sikh text. Langar, a communal meal, will also be served to all participants.

At Peel Regional Police we believe the community is at the heart of everything we do and our officers will be there in honour of this important celebration.

Have a happy and safe Vaisakhi!