Police Complaint Commissioner orders a Review on the Record in VPD Constable Jag Ghuman’s case

THE Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) has ordered a review into the findings of a discipline proceeding relating to allegations of abuse of authority, discreditable conduct, neglect of duty, and deceit against a Vancouver police officer.

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Constable Jag Ghuman was investigated for allegations stemming from an incident with three complainants that occurred on April 30, 2018. The complainants alleged that two Vancouver Police officers used excessive force against two of the complainants during an arrest.

The matter was investigated by the Delta Police Department and during a subsequent administrative discipline proceeding, Ghuman was found to have committed discreditable conduct, in relation to his failure to provide fulsome information on a submitted Report to Crown Counsel, and deceit, in relation to providing contradictory oral and written evidence during the Police Act investigation. Other allegations relating to the arrest, use of force, and provision of Charter Rights to one of the complainants were found not to be substantiated.

Ghuman disputed the finding that he committed misconduct  and requested that the OPCC arrange a Review on the Record.

In his Notice of Review issued on Friday, the Police Complaint Commissioner determined that a Review on the Record is necessary in the public interest. James Threlfall, retired Provincial Court judge, will preside as the adjudicator of the Review on the Record, which has yet to be scheduled.

Updates on the review will be shared on the OPCC website.

The full notice of review is available here: https://opcc.bc.ca/decisions/reviews-on-the-record/