Prairie Avenue open after police incident in Port Coquitlam (update)


All roads around Prairie Avenue have been reopened.
A residence on Prairie Avenue continues to be held by police pending further investigation into a firearm-related incident.

PRAIRIE Avenue is currently closed due to an ongoing police incident in the 600-block of Prairie Avenue in Port Coquitlam.

Coquitlam RCMP say Prairie Avenue is currently closed east from Fremont Street, and Burns Road is currently closed north from Dominion Avenue.

As this is an ongoing investigation, police say further details will be provided at a later time. This is an isolated incident, and at this time police have no reason to believe there is any risk to the public. As a result of the incident, the following area will be closed until further notice:

The public is being asked to use alternate routes and avoid the area, if possible.
Police say when the roads are reopened, or further updates are available, details will be posted to the Coquitlam RCMP website.


  1. No risk to public saftey, why they tell my friend and room mate to find a spot in our house and hide. Why did they storm my property with semi automatic rifles and why were they shooting beside my house. No risk to public saftey my ass. They wouldnt even let me walk to my house.

  2. I agree! They said the same to me yesterday when I asked what was going on…..the cop said ‘this is an active investigation and we have it contained’. An hour later I see helicopters and hear gunshots; doesn’t sound contained to me!

  3. Oh for crying out loud ….they’re doing there job, like they’re going to stop to chat with you…they told you to stay in…be thankful they were there…they actually risk their lives…get over yourselves

  4. They were on my property too with assault riffles heard to flash grenades and about 30-40 rounds fired. I agree they are doing there job I have all the respect in the world for there task at hand, but it was a little unnerving being right next door with no idea of what was happening.

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