Horgan warns that Premier Christy Clark will expand private health care for the rich

WITH just 16 days left in the election campaign, BC NDP leader John Horgan on Sunday held the largest rally by any party in this election campaign, where he sounded the alarm about Premier Christy Clark’s scheme to create for-profit hospitals in BC.

“We can’t afford another four years of Christy Clark. The rich have had their premier. It’s time you had a premier that’s working for you,” said Horgan.

Horgan warned the audience of more than 1,000 supporters who packed the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver that Christy Clark is undermining the public healthcare system with a plan to expand private care for herself and her rich friends.

Earlier this week, Clark refused to answer a direct question about the expansion of private health care if she is re-elected. The government is advancing a proposal to create private for-profit hospitals in BC.

“While people wait for months – or even years – to get the care they need, Christy Clark has a plan to let her and her rich friends skip the line because they can afford it,” said Horgan.

“Christy Clark is quietly moving forward with a proposal that would create private hospitals that only her and her rich donors can afford to use. That will drain resources from our public health system and result in even longer waits for ordinary people like you.

“People need a premier who will work every day to make life more affordable for them, make sure they get the services they need, and create good, sustainable jobs in communities across BC. They’re not getting that from Christy Clark.

“I’m running in this election to make life better for people. I will fight for the people of BC every day of this campaign, and every day as your premier.”