Premier Horgan to start radiation treatment as growth in throat was cancerous

PREMIER John Horgan said in a statement on Thursday that following last week’s surgery and biopsy, it has been confirmed that the growth in his throat was cancerous.

However, the prognosis is good and he expects to make a full recovery. He added: “I am grateful to the amazing health-care team for all the support I’ve received.”

The Premier said: “In the next couple of weeks I will need to start radiation treatment, which will conclude toward the end of December.”

He added: “During that time, I will continue to participate virtually in briefings, cabinet meetings, and other important meetings like the Council of the Federation. For in-person events, [Public Safety] Minister Mike Farnworth and other cabinet ministers may attend in my place.”

Horgan said: “I would, again, like to thank everyone who sent their well wishes. Your support gives me strength and humbles me. I look forward to being back in the legislature and travelling in the new year.”