Preventing diabetes in South Asians through Bollywood and Bhangra


Event: UBC and Sun Life Financial announce a new project to prevent diabetes in the South Asian community using culturally-engaging exercise videos tobpromote physical activity

Date: Friday, Nov. 28, 3 p.m.

Location: William A. Webber Medical Student and Alumni Centre, 2750

Heather St. (at W. 12th Ave.), Vancouver


Video preview:


BOLLYWOOD aerobics and Bhangra dancing will be part of a virtual fitness centre aimed at increasing physical activity in South Asian adults living with – or at risk of getting – diabetes.

Featuring a series of 30-minute workouts led by Punjabi-speaking fitness experts, the routines will be demonstrated at the event. The project is intended to increase fitness among members of that community, which has the lowest levels of physical activity and the highest incidence of Type 2 diabetes compared to other ethnic groups.

Sun Life Financial Canada, which is providing funds for the project, is also sponsoring this weekend’s Grey Cup Championship game in Vancouver. There will be photo ops of the fitness demonstration, and the Grey Cup will be on display at this event. The announcement helps close out Diabetes Awareness Month.

Highlights include:

* A demonstration of the culturally-relevant workouts;

* A trailer that provides clips from the workouts (available for download at;

*  Remarks by:

– Ranj Heer, South Asian fitness instructor and member of the project team;

– David Sidoo, the first Indo-Canadian to play in the Canadian Football League and member of UBC’s Board of Governors;

– Sun Life Financial Canada President Kevin Dougherty

– Faculty of Medicine Dean and UBC Vice Provost Health Dr. Gavin Stuart.