The Women in Force Program: Coming to Ontario and Quebec


Lieutenant (Navy) Patricia Corbeil with Commander Jason Armstrong directing Canadian frigate HMCS TORONTO during a mission in the Mediterranean Sea on July 31, 2014.
Photo: DND/CAF

THE Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is launching a program to give women an opportunity to learn about military life before they decide to join.

In August and October, 120 Canadian women will participate in the new Women in Force Program (WFP). They will be able to talk with current CAF members while experiencing different facets of a military lifestyle, including fitness training, hands-on demonstrations of occupations, and tactical skills.

The WFP will hold two 10-day events in August: one at CFB Borden, Ontario, and the other at Saint-Jean Garrison, Quebec. Two three-day events will be held in October at the same locations.


Lieutenant-General Charles Lamarre, Commander, Military Personnel Command, said on Wednesday: “The Women in Force Program is part of Canadian Armed Forces initiatives to find new ways to reach and inform Canadians from diverse backgrounds. A stronger representation of women within our ranks is crucial to the Canadian Armed Forces’ operational effectiveness.”

Brigadier-General Virginia Tattersall, Deputy Commander, Military Personnel Generation, said: “The Women in Force Program provides a unique experience to Canadian women by providing them the truth about military life, its opportunities and challenges. The program allows women thinking about becoming part of the Canadian Armed Forces team to have an opportunity to receive first-hand information before making a decision to enrol and serve their country.”


Quick Facts


  • There is room in the CAF for all Canadians who are talented, motivated, and qualified to fill approximately 10,000 positions offered in the Regular Force or Reserves.
  • In accordance with Canada’s Employment Equity Act and the direction from the Chief of the Defence Staff, the CAF is committed to increasing the number of service women to form at least 25.1% of its total personnel strength by 2026.
  • Women have been involved in Canada’s military service for more than 100 years.
  • For over 20 years, women have been fully integrated in all occupations and roles in the CAF.
  • The focus of the Women in Force Program is to raise awareness about life in the CAF, enabling participants to make an informed decision about a career in the military. Dedicated staff will mentor and guide participants throughout the program, during which they will be immersed in a military environment including living on a base.
  • The Women in Force Program pilot events will be conducted as follows:

o   Ten-day events:

August 14-23 at CFB Borden, Ontario

August 14-23 at Saint-Jean Garrison, Quebec

o   Three-day events:

October 20-22 at CFB Borden, Ontario

October 28-30 at Saint-Jean Garrison, Quebec