Province encouraging equity on B.C. film, TV sets

PEOPLE from diverse communities wanting to break into British Columbia’s motion picture industry now have support to launch their careers, as part of Creative Pathways BC.

“When our storytellers are represented both on screen and behind the camera, it creates authentic and empowered communities,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, on Thursday. “Our government is going further by connecting equity-seeking groups with behind-the-camera work, like VFX, post-production and animation, so that we have a robust and diverse film and TV workforce for years to come.”

A 2019 Labour Market Study found B.C.’s motion picture industry was growing, but the below-the-line workforce (artists, technicians, craftspeople, designers, drivers, performers and business managers who realize the artistic vision of the writer, director and producer in motion picture production) was less diverse than B.C.’s overall workforce. B.C.’s motion picture industry designed a workforce strategy with Creative BC called Creative Pathways BC, focused on increasing its workforce through more fair and balanced representation.

As part of Creative Pathways BC, the B.C. government and industry are investing in a new website to create pathways that welcome all British Columbians into the industry and offer special streams for people from equity-seeking groups. The platform will highlight career opportunities for everyone above-the-line in creative leadership roles, within animation, VFX and post-production roles, and in creative support roles where below-the-line crew build careers across tech, trade, business and the arts.

This project is made possible from the B.C. government’s $400,000 investment through Sector Labour Market Partnerships and a $100,000 seed contribution from WarnerMedia Access Canada.

As a first step, Creative Pathways BC is now accepting applications for WarnerMedia Access Canada’s national equity program, Access to Action.

In fall 2021, industry, in collaboration with Creative BC, will offer:

* a website with information on the industry and learning opportunities;

* a recruitment and promotion service connecting employers, unions and equity-focused opportunities with qualified candidates; and

* online networking opportunities to connect new, diverse and experienced job seekers with people from industry who are hirers, knowledge experts and employers.

Creative Pathways BC is an ongoing strategic partnership between Creative BC and the Motion Picture Production Industry Association to increase equity and improve diversity in the motion picture workforce. Creative BC is British Columbia’s lead agency for creative sector funding and development.

Deanna Cadette, Executive Director, WarnerMedia Access Canada, said: “The demand for skilled talent has never been greater, with so many roles to fill in B.C.’s highly successful industry and with the global appetite for more content. As a partnership, Creative Pathways and WarnerMedia’s Access to Action in Canada can prove that meaningful change doesn’t have to take long. It just takes intention, collaboration and focus.”

Peter Leitch, Chair, Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC, said: “As we grow, we want to make sure we’re building an inclusive workforce. Creative Pathways BC will offer support to anyone looking to join this dynamic industry. I’ve spoken to lots of department heads who are excited for these opportunities to broaden their networks.”

Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC, said: “B.C.’s motion picture industry is known globally for quality, competitiveness and collaboration. We have an opportunity to lead the change, open doors and build back better together. We are so excited to lead this important equity work and to support all people in finding careers across B.C.’s dynamic motion picture industry.”

Quick Facts

* The motion picture industry includes film, TV, animation, VFX and post-production, delivering to broadcast, exhibition and streaming platforms.

* Approximately two-thirds of B.C.’s motion picture industry workforce are below-the-line workers.

* In 2017, 34% of below-the-line workers in B.C. were women and 15% were visible minorities (compared to 48% and 29% in B.C.’s general workforce).

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