Racists in U.S. distort truth about how much immigrants cost taxpayers, but what is the reality?

USA Today in its July 3-4 issue exposed the lies being spread about how much immigrants cost taxpayers.

Alan Gomez noted that a landmark study from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine last year found that first-generation immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers $57.4 billion a year.

Gomez pointed out how U.S. President Donald Trump cited that figure in his first address to a joint session of Congress last February.

However, Gomez noted that he left out the second-half of the report’s sentence.


Because that said that second- and third-generation immigrants create a net benefit of $30.5 billion and $223.8 billion, respectively.

“The report’s bottom line is that immigrants are a big plus for the U.S. over time,” Gomez said.