RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Is Harjit Sajjan’s claim “I had a contract put on me” because he “was taking out an organized crime group” true?

Harjit Sajjan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

JUST when some were willing to accept Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s apology for making the false claim of being THE architect of the 2006 Operation Medusa in Afghanistan twice – once this year in India and once in Canada in 2015 – and look upon it as an aberration or a mere mistake, out comes another revelation that seems to prove that Sajjan might indeed have the habit to exaggerate or even lie just to glorify himself.

A video of a press conference of his in India is now circulating around and causing people to shake their head in disgust and disbelief.

Sajjan told the media in India: “I had a contract put on me once. I had my parents’ house … There was an attempted home invasion because I was taking out an organized crime group that was ruining our community with drugs.”

That statement is now causing bewilderment because when a contract is put on any cop, it is a very serious matter. But there appears to be NO proof that such a thing actually took place.

I would like Sajjan to show any evidence in this regard.

Also, covering crime in the Lower Mainland since the 1990s, I know very well that no single Rambo-type cop can ‘take out an organized crime group.’ It takes dozens of cops in teams to do that!

This seems to prove Sajjan’s propensity to take credit for other officers’ efforts also – just like his Operation Medusa claim – to appear as THE hero.


Check out this video (at 9-minute mark):






  1. WHAT? WHAT A JOKE and clear lie! Every single case he investigated should be reviewed to examine whether or not he lied or told the truth. … If Trudeau was half the man he should be he would have Sajjan’s resignation on his desk. Well it’s what you get when you Canadians elect a kid who hasn’t done one day of hard work in his life and put him to the strict proof of proving otherwise.

  2. Re: The Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan

    The Honourable Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan speaks the truth. Let’s not depart from the respectable truth that his original mother tongue is Punjabi – Hindi – other languages. Yet he is profoundly good in English, which is something that gives him an edge not to mention his pristine services for serving in the Police and Army Missions in other parts of the world. For few reasons mentioned herein, therefore, all Canadians must be exceptionally proud as The Right Prime Minister of Canada and Liberal Party has made the best choice in naming this true warrior The Honourable Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan for our’s and other’s crucial protection and expert intelligence and thus connections over over 2 decades.

    Seriously think about it as this is Serious stuff my fellow friends!

    Thank you!

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