RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Airdrie RCMP in Alberta forced to re-open case of racist attack on innocent cab driver thanks to Global News (UPDATED)

KUDOS to Global News for FORCING RCMP officers of Airdrie detachment in Alberta to re-open the case involving a vicious racial attack on Calgary cabbie Sardar Qayyum, 35.

The incident actually took place back in November 2013 as the cabbie was driving to Airdrie from Calgary.

Thanks to Nancy Hixt, crime reporter for Global News, the RCMP were SHAMED into acting after first telling the hapless cabbie that “it’s a waste of time of court because there is nothing in it.” The RCMP officer told the cabbie that the attacker was “a nice guy, he’s ready to pay, he has no criminal record.”

Yeah, right! If the attacker had been a NON-WHITE guy who had attacked a WHITE guy, these very RCMP officers would not only have arrested the attacker but also labeled him a TERRORIST!

Just because the white guy – whom Global says they have identified as Chad Pasloski – paid for the damage to the cab, the RCMP officers decided not to lay charges.

Hey, how many of you guys – white or non-white – have been allowed to escape assault charges by merely paying for any damage?

Shame on the RCMP!

Global News reported: “Pasloski took a cab home from a company party when the incident occurred. He used a company taxi chit to pay his fare. Global News contacted his employer, Alcro Electric, for comment, but the president of the company failed to return our requests.”

The cabbie captured the whole disgusting incident on a dashboard-mounted camera and Global News took the initiative to obtain the footage.

Global News reported: “On the tape, the passenger asked to stop at a fast food restaurant. Qayyum agreed but said the taxi chit was about to expire. The passenger goes on to say, “you son-of-a-bitch, you f—ing c—sucker, go back to where are from” and, “what, are you going to f—ucking going to do, strap a bomb to your body, huh?”

Criminal and human rights lawyer and former crown prosecutor Jeinis Patel told Global News that he has trouble understanding why RCMP officers only re-opened the case after Global News aired the video.

I’ll tell him why in just ONE WORD:


Now when their racism has been exposed to the whole world, the RCMP are trying to pretend to be fair and have announced: “The file was reviewed by the commanding officer for the Airdrie detachment and he has deemed there were areas that could be followed up on. The investigation has been reopened.”

Just reopening the case is NOT ENOUGH. There is enough evidence to lay charges of assault – and maybe more. How stupid can you Mounties be? Shame on you for your racism!

No wonder so many cabbies have been hesitant to approach Canadian police in different cities.

The RCMP can learn from DECENT CANADIANS who sent messages of support to the cabbie from all across the country.

“It’s really, really, giving me the courage,” he told Global News.

As they say, justice delayed is justice denied. But even though it’s been a year and a half since this dastardly racist attack occurred, the poor cabbie may still get justice – at least I hope so – thanks to some excellent work by Global News.

Thank you, Global News.

Shame on you, RCMP!


THIS piece was posted on our website late at night on Wednesday and on Thursday morning Alcro Electric posted this message marked “Important” on their website:


At Alcro Electric we would like to acknowledge the public’s concern. We do not condone such behaviour and we believe in accountability. All people need to be treated with respect and dignity. This incident is not a representation of Alcro Electric. The employee involved is no longer with Alcro Electric.



  1. RCMP has been known/ infamous for having poor managements and double standards on many things, like bribery, getting benefits..etc.
    Their mindsets are really dated.
    Letting them investigate their internal affairs and serious and organized crime is just as if asking a cat not to take a stack of fish.

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