RATTAN’S RUMBLE: The VOICE succeeds in making B.C. Government give money for Nepal earthquake relief!

Photos courtesy of Salesian Missions. To aid in their relief efforts, go to FindYourMission.org.
Photos courtesy of Salesian Missions. To aid in their relief efforts, go to FindYourMission.org.

FINALLY, on Friday, the B.C. Government announced that it will give $300,000 for Nepal earthquake relief – four days after the Ontario Government had announced $1 million for Nepal.

The press statement said: “B.C. is providing the Canadian Red Cross with funding to support emergency disaster relief efforts in Nepal following a magnitude 7.8 earthquake last weekend.

“British Columbia’s $300,000 donation will provide urgently needed assistance to communities throughout the country’s worst-hit areas to help support search and rescue operations, food distribution, and the delivery of aids such as blankets, hygiene kits and sleeping mats.

“To further support the mission, BC Liquor Stores customers can donate to the Red Cross earthquake relief efforts for Nepal at any of the 196 BC Liquor Stores throughout the province. Customers may make donations of $2 or $5 – or multiples thereof – at any BC Liquor Store checkout through June 6, 2015.

“As part of the provincial response efforts, the Medical Services Commission will be waiving the regular three-month waiting period for Medical Services Plan benefits for Canadians who are returning to British Columbia from Nepal, ensuring that they are able to get needed medical care immediately.”

I am really happy that the government has done the RIGHT thing at last.


N5I had kept badgering the government to come up with some money for Nepal and posted a piece titled “Nepal earthquake – Premier Christy Clark and Liberals are HYPOCRITES when it comes to MULTICULTURALISM!” on our website (www.voiceonline.com) on Tuesday.

I wrote: “It is shameful that B.C. Premier Christy Clark has yet to announce any contribution for Nepal earthquake relief work.

“This is from a premier and Liberal government that is always playing the multicultural card.

“On the other hand, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Monday announced Ontario will contribute $1 million for relief efforts to meet the urgent needs of people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

“Clark and her Liberal government don’t think Nepal is important enough, I guess.

“When I contacted the Liberal’s media relations on Monday about this, they told me that an announcement was going to be made about B.C.’s contribution.

“But NOTHING happened.

“So I have sent these hypocrites another reminder today (Tuesday).”


THEN on Wednesday, I added this part:

“It is now crystal-clear that it’s not about multiculturalism but the POLITICS OF VOTES that matter to Premier Christy Clark and her B.C. Liberals.

“Their hypocrisy has been brutally exposed by their CALLOUSNESS at the intense suffering of the people of Nepal following Saturday’s earthquake in that country.

“If there had been an earthquake in India or China or the Philippines or Vietnam, Clark’s reaction would have been to immediately issue a statement at least.


“Because there are lots of Indians and Chinese and Filipinos and Vietnamese in B.C. and their votes matter to the B.C. Liberals and other political parties as well.

“But there are just a few thousand Nepalese (or Nepali) Canadians – and they are not rich like some other small communities in Canada that are able to influence the federal and provincial governments.

“So isn’t it quite evident that multiculturalism is ABUSED by slimy politicians?”

I also added: “Clark has not even had the decency to issue a statement to sympathize with the Nepali people.

“South Asians and other so-called ethnic communities should beware of such politicians who just want to use us.”


I also pointed out that even the NDP took days to react. NDP MLA Sue Hammell issued the following statement only on Tuesday:

“On behalf of the New Democrat Caucus we offer heartfelt condolences to the people of Nepal and Northern India who lost family and friends in the recent earthquake and its aftermath.  This tragedy has brought misery to so many people in that region and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

“We also stand and mourn with the British Columbian Nepalese and South Asian communities who have lost loved ones in this terrible disaster, and applaud all Canadians, agencies and individuals who are aiding the Nepal victims in so many ways. Our hope is for a strong and quick recovery for the people of Nepal.”