RCMP and supporters launch fierce slander campaign against South Asian candidate for Surrey Police Chief

South Asian gangsters and other lawbreakers are afraid that the new Surrey Police Service under a South Asian chief will know too much about them!

IT doesn’t come as a surprise to those who are well aware of how shamelessly and fiercely the RCMP went out of its way to ruin the career of South Asian solicitor general Kash Heed back in 2010 when he was planning to replace them with a BC Police force. They were completely exposed by this reporter at the time.

Now, when the RCMP and their supporters have made utter idiots of themselves (see link to story “Surrey voters deliver a slap in the face of RCMP and BC Liberals,”) and the Surrey Police Board is all set to choose the first police chief of the new force that is replacing the RCMP, a series of unsubstantiated allegations have started circulating including one anonymous one that was sent to The VOICE also. It is supposed to be by a South Asian and it was forwarded to me by a South Asian!

The RCMP’s racism against the South Asian candidate is what Canada does NOT need – and Canadians will NO LONGER tolerate (except for the RCMP’s family members, of course!) The South Asian media will hit back!

As we reported last week:

“The latest data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute find nearly two-in-five Canadians say there is a “serious problem” with the way police interact with Black, Indigenous and other non-white people across the country, while more than one-quarter (27%) say it is a serious problem in their own community.
“Further, nearly two-thirds (63%) agree that systemic racism is a serious problem for the RCMP, and three-quarters (73%) say police in Canada interact inappropriately with non-white people at least some of the time.”

So what’s the game?


South Asian gangsters and other lawbreakers are afraid that the new Surrey Police Service under a South Asian chief will know too much about them!

It is a well-know fact that Vancouver Police was only able to go after South Asian gangsters and other lawbreakers because of the way South Asian officers established ties with the community in a number of ways. It was easier to nail them because of the way this community’s families are closely connected to each other and getting inside information was a breeze.

Surrey RCMP have not been able to achieve that and merely quoting statistics will not change the ground reality.

On the other hand, once the Surrey Police Service is in place, they will have to show real results or they will face fierce criticism especially from the powerful South Asian media that South Asians follow.

South Asians have little or no faith in the fake or/and inaccurate reporting by white mainstream media, which is not even considered mainstream by Surrey-ites or even an increasing number of Lower Mainlanders who prefer their own ethnic media. The stunning B.C. election results in Surrey show that quite clearly. (We will discuss this issue in depth later on).

The Surrey Police Board should choose wisely – or South Asians will start demanding that the RCMP be kept on if the new police force is going to be a carbon copy of a failed police force.