RCMP Deputy Commissioner Strachan: Wishing British Columbians a safe long weekend

STATEMENT from Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, Commanding Officer of the BC RCMP:

AS the weather warms up, and a long weekend is upon us we are tempted to venture outdoors and visit our family and friends.  Especially here in our beautiful province where the outdoor activities are plenty. I must echo the request of our provincial authorities and ask that you avoid all non-essential travel. Explore BC later. 

(https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2020PSSG0019-000671 ) 

During these trying times we must remain diligent and be mindful of our current global situation.  We are living in a constant state of change and everyone has a part to play in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining their social distance. 

In British Columbia, I know we are all doing our best to follow the directions of our Provincial Health Officer and authorities.  Many of us are finding new and creative ways to overcome the challenges we are all experiencing.  I feel we are more connected to each other than ever and are making conscious and virtual efforts to stay in touch with our families, friends, and loved ones.  

There is tremendous work being done around BC by our police officers, healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store personnel, and other essential services.  They deserve to be lauded.  These individuals are making sacrifices for us so let’s return the favour.  

As on any long weekend, the BC RCMP will be looking out for impaired drivers, liquor infractions, and any other unlawful activity that compromises the safety of our communities.  We will be supporting our partners in their efforts regarding park closures, fire regulations, education, and other compliance and enforcement activities.  Please respect the numerous community and area restrictions or closures. 


We have increased patrols along land and sea borders and our Division Emergency Operations Centre continues to support our pandemic response.  We are asking that you be mindful of the various COVID-19 related scams and protect yourself.

(http://bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=2100&languageId=1&contentId=63720  ) 

We are working with our Provincial partners to ensure our presence is visible in areas where there might be large recreational gatherings and camping hubs to reinforce the seriousness of the message to please stay close to home. Everyone’s health depends on it. 

These are incredibly challenging days and there will continue to be more.  As British Columbians we are in this fight together. If we all do as we are being asked to and follow the orders and abide by the guidelines, we will be able to return to doing the activities we love with the people we care for most.   

Now is the time to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 in order to protect ourselves, the people we love, and our vulnerable communities. Take a moment to remind yourself who you are staying home for.

I’m urging you all to take that message to heart as we head into the long weekend. Stay safe.