Red Cross Imagine No Bullying campaign raised more than $200K

imagine no bullying
The province-wide Imagine… No Bullying campaign met its goal and raised more than $200,000 to bring Red Cross bullying prevention programs to more schools across B.C. Thanks to generous supporters, the donations will allow Red Cross to reach more than 16,000 youth in B.C. with tools to prevent bullying in schools.

“The Imagine… No Bullying campaign was incredibly successful, and we’re very grateful to everyone who participated,” said Sofia Joensuu, Education Associate for the Red Cross Violence and Abuse Prevention program. “As kids prepare to go back to school, they can rest assured that Red Cross is working hard to put an end to all types of violence, abuse and harassment in B.C. schools.”

The Red Cross bullying prevention program trains youth and adults on how to prevent bullying, how to safely intervene in bullying situations and how to create healthy environments in schools and communities. Red Cross Youth Facilitators, who are high school students, deliver the bullying prevention workshops to elementary school students.

“As a victim of bullying myself, when the opportunity to become a youth facilitator came forth, I felt empowered to have the chance to approach bullying from an insider’s point of view,” said Hannah Block, senior student at New Westminster Secondary and Red Cross Youth Facilitator.

This unique peer-facilitation model is very effective because younger students look up to the older students as role models and are positively influenced to change or prevent bullying behaviour. The campaign launched in September 2012 and concluded at the end of the 2012-2013 school year.

The Canadian Red Cross has been involved with violence and abuse prevention programming for more than 25 years. For more information on the Red Cross RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention program, please visit .


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