Renters in B.C. paying thousands more a year with no relief in sight: B.C. Liberals

RENTERS across B.C. are tired of paying thousands of dollars more in rent every year, while waiting for the NDP to finally deliver on their promise to improve affordability, said the B.C. Liberals on Tuesday.

“This NDP government loves to say they are on the side of renters, but the data shows they have completely failed to bring prices under control, leaving people already struggling to make ends meet paying hundreds more every month,” said Mike Bernier, BC Liberal Critic for Housing. “Young people already can’t afford to buy a home in B.C. due to skyrocketing prices, and now this government is allowing them to be priced out of the rental market as well. And while more and more young people and families struggle to make rent at the end of each month, this government goes around talking about how much they’ve done to make life more affordable for renters. It’s clear the NDP have lost touch with what’s happening in their own communities.”

Despite all the NDP’s promises of affordability, rents are up across the province.

* Richmond: up $121 per month, or $1,452 per year
* Langley: up $235 per month, or $2,820 per year
* Surrey: up $225 per month, or $2,700 per year
* Maple Ridge: up $222 per month, or $2,664 per year
* North Vancouver: up $211 per month, or $2,532 per year
* Courtenay: up $271 per month, or $3,252 per year
* Campbell River: up $234 per month, or $2808 per year
* Kamloops: up $205 per month, or $2,460 per year
“The NDP has spent years patting themselves on the back while taking no real action on housing affordability,” said Bernier. “The Premier twice promised voters a $400 annual renters’ rebate, first in 2017 and again in 2020, but it is still nowhere to be found. The rebate wouldn’t cover the massive rent hikes we’ve seen under the NDP, but it would certainly help. It’s time for the NDP to finally honour their promises and start delivering real relief for renters.”