Brampton residents want ‘a safe and interactive environment’

BRAMPTON: A wonderful community barbeque event was held on August 19 at the Peacekeeping Court by the residents of the Vales of Humber Life West homeowner’s association. This event was attended by over 450 residents across the neighbourhood and held in order to encourage create a safe and interactive environment for the children and families of the neighbourhood.

It was very engaging towards children with many activities for the kids to partake in, including bouncy castle, water gun fight, face painting and a basketball shooting area. Neighbourhood Watch was present at the event to teach and alert families on how to be safe and how to prevent crime. Brampton Fire was also invited. The wish list was handed out to politicians of their respective level of the government: John Sprovieri – Regional Councillor wards 9 and 10, Raj Grewal – MP for Brampton East, Harinder Mahli – MPP for Brampton Springdale and Vic Dhillon – MPP Brampton West.

A wish list was sent out to the civic, provincial and federal representatives for some of the concerns that residents had in Brampton and this list will be followed up upon in order to make Brampton a better place.


Letter to Councillor

  1. Traffic: a) Lights with left turn signals on both ends of Gordon Randle Drive. b) Flashing lights at Mayfield/Gordon Randle to cross the street to get to public transit c) Speed bumps on Gordon Randle Dr. between the two roundabouts
  2. Trails and pathways through the ravine areas surrounding the neighbourhood
  3. Park modification for basketball, badminton, volleyball or splash pad
  4. Additional seating areas along parks, ponds and ravine areas. Additional garbage bins in the same areas.
  5. Diversify city development with industrial/business growth for more employment opportunities so residents and graduates do not need to leave Brampton for work.

Letter to MP

  1. Bring back the Children’s fitness tax credit to help ensure healthy kids and keep them engaged and away from negative activities. Reintroduce a fair approach to income-splitting.
  2. Provide federal dollars to bring infrastructure investments to Brampton including GTA West Corridor highway construction and mass transit connections to Toronto. Establish an LRT on Highway 7 to connect to the Vaughan subway station.
  3. Work with all provinces for bulk-purchasing and eventual universal pharma-care within Canada
  4. Ensure any new legislation and the renegotiation of NAFTA puts Canadians interest first and does not impede on privacy rights or provide business with undo power such as copyright and patent term extensions.

Letter to MPP

  1. Highways: a) Update and continuation of work on the GTA West Corridor project b) extend highway 427 to Bolton c) add an exit from the 410 to Countryside Drive
  2. Transit: Fund an LRT on Queen St/Highway 7 to connect Brampton/Vaughan/Milton to Toronto
  3. Reform Tarion and add consumer representation to Tarion’s Board. Ensure it works to protect homeowners first before builders.
  4. Work to reduce auto insurance rates & Reduce hydro rates further

Volunteers worked hard to make the event successful: Eric, J Sodhi, Sunny, Mohameed, Winifred, Joy, Zane, Erika, Mahavir, Puneet, Gurpeet, Gurdip, Kuldeep, Harpreet, Henry, Frank, Nitin, Mani, Kishor,  Nirmal, Padam, Sanjeev, Prince And Vinayak.