Richmond RCMP investigate alleged racism incident


RICHMOND RCMP on Saturday announced that that they became aware on Friday, August 23 of a video posted on social media about an incident at a parking lot.

The video was reviewed and an investigation was initiated by Richmond RCMP. Both parties in this incident have been identified and investigators have been in contact with all involved.

According to a video posted on websites, it appears that a white woman passed some racist comments against another person at the Richlea Square Shopping Centre over a dispute about parking. “You don’t know a damn thing, go back to China where you belong,” the white woman yells when confronted about the way she had parked her vehicle.

The white woman in the video.

When CBC News contacted the white woman who identified herself as Carla Waldman, the woman admitted that her car was touching the other driver’s licence plate. However, she added: “I do not regret anything I said to her because she was a very mean person … I don’t care what they’re calling me. I am not a racist person.”

“In order to ensure the integrity of the investigation and privacy of the individuals involved, we are asking the public to respect the investigative process and refrain from posting any comments on social media,” said Inspector Sunny Parmar, Operations Officer.

The investigation is continuing and police are asking the public to contact them at 604-207-1212 if they have any information about the incident.


  1. The woman’s commentary was much worse than what was stated here. What an ugly, vile person. No doubt our cretinous President here in the States will want to hire her immediately.

  2. The public is waiting to see the integrity of our justice system. Make no mistake, this country is made of all kinds of immigrants, no one gets to discriminate another. Hope RCMP can make a fair judgement, otherwise, racism will soon be everywhere.

  3. Such racist attitude must not be tolerated, but let’s not allow ignorance of a minority impact the truly kinder and gentler nature of a multicultural Canada, especially when compared to recent development of our neighbour to the South. We are all differrent, but we respect our differences.

  4. I want her to be sentenced to the maximum extent of the law. Once convicted she will lose her job, be ostracized in the city and will probably do jail time.

    One of five people in Canada was not born here but it is idiots like her that give our country a bad name.

  5. She stated that she’s not racist. She is 100% racist. When she made the statement go back to where you come from. That said it all. Hating on someone because she doesn’t look like her. She need to change her hateful ways. Karma is hell and she’s going to pay big time.

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