Richmond RCMP say they have found no evidence of criminality in voter manipulation allegations

RICHMOND RCMP who late last week received two allegations of possible voter manipulation associated to the social media app WeCha, announced on Friday that so far in their investigation they have uncovered no evidence to substantiate a criminal or British Columbia Local Government Act charge. Those involved with the allegations have cooperated with police. 

The Richmond Chief Electoral Officer has been updated throughout the investigation and with respect to the RCMP’s findings. 

“To date, the Richmond RCMP has only received third party allegations of wrongdoing in the election process. No individuals have come forward to the Richmond RCMP citing that they have been victimized in any matters related to the voting process. We are continuing to encourage anyone who believes that they may have been a victim to come forward and speak to us,” said RCMP Cpl. Dennis Hwang. 

Richmond RCMP said they are continuing to investigate concerns of possible voter manipulations in the upcoming 2018 Civic Election.