Rochelle Prasad: A wanderlust’s adventure in sowing charity and love

SHE is the founder and CEO of a thriving non-profit education foundation called ‘Camp We Empower’.
The 20-year-old Rochelle Prasad, born to a Fijian family living in Surrey, have a strong passion for empowering the next generation through education.

She has a strong conviction that to thrive in the community means to develop experience along the way.
Her foundation, which was established in 2014 by her along with two grade 10 classmates, offers life education to students across the globe and as a result of her contribution in this field, she received the Canada 150 Award in leadership.
She is also the author of the book titled “Because we can”.

Rochelle, a fourth-year student at the Simon Fraser University majoring in political science and education, travels around the world in pursuit of building schools in developing countries. Recently, Rochelle represented Canada at the United Nations at the Youth Assembly.

“I enjoy connecting with people, and getting to know how stories intertwine. When I’m not working, you can catch me: in museums, creating music, and / or exploring the great outdoors. If you are also passionate about any of these things, let’s talk about taking action for a better world,” wrote Rochelle.

Rochelle is also a Sustainable Development Goal advocate.

Rochelle’s father, Ramesh Prasad, from Lautoka, and mother, Shashi Prasad, from Labasa, Fiji, came to Canada in 1994.

“With my dad not having a high school degree and my mom with some post secondary education. They were humble and genuine all throughout their marriage, and that is truly why I believe they ended up being a successful engineer building equipment for the US military and a government worker for a large NGO,” wrote Rochelle.

Rochelle, who was born in Surrey, went to Cindrich Elementary School in Surrey, before graduating from Queen Elizabeth Secondary school in 2016.
“My teachers were truly my inspirations, and I owe some of them the world,” she wrote.

On October 13, Rochelle was accorded with a Youth Achievement Award for her contribution to the society at Fiji’s 49th Independence Day Celebration in Surrey.

She has achieved so much in this short period of time giving back to the community with charity and love. However, she believes that this is just the beginning.

Rochelle is hoping to pursue a passionate career with the United Nations Foundation after completing her university education.

(Edited from a blog by IRSHAD KHAN)