Romcoms should ideally be done by a young guy: Saif Ali Khan

New Delhi (PTI): Saif Ali Khan says he has had his fill of romantic comedies and believes younger actors are more suited for the genre.

The 47-year-old actor, who has acted in romantic films such as “Salaam Namaste” and “Hum Tum”, said from now on he wants to be a part of those projects that appeal to his age and sensibilities.

“Romcoms should ideally be done by a young guy. Someone who is coming-of-age and who doesn’t know his mind. Who doesn’t understand or who doesn’t want to get married. There’s an age to doing romcoms.

“I had a great time doing such films in the past. But today, I want to do something that goes with my sensibilities and age. I’m more happy today. I don’t want to go back and I want to move ahead,” Saif told reporters here.

The actor was in the capital to promote his film “Kaalakaandi”.

Saif plays a man who finds out he is suffering from cancer and it changes him. The actor said it would be wrong to compare the film with movies like “Aanad” as the dark comedy has “little” to do with the terminal disease.

“To portray problems and sensitive issues with a laugh is the soul of comedy… It’s got really very little to do with cancer. We all have cancer in a way. We are always moving towards death. We are terminal.

“How one incident can affect so many people in one go, that’s what ‘Kaalakaandi’ is. It’s a very sweet movie. We saw the final cut of the film only last evening and it made us laugh and cry,” he said when asked whether it was similar to the Rajesh Khanna-Amitabh Bachchan classic.

Directed by Akshat Verma, the film is scheduled to be released this Friday.