Don’t miss out on next round of multiculturalism grants

APPLICATIONS are now being accepted for the next round of funding through the Multiculturalism Grant Program.

The intake process began November 14 and will close on January 8, 2018.

Awards under this program are intended to assist with the cost of projects aimed at raising awareness of B.C.’s multicultural identity. A not-for-profit community organization can apply for grants up to $5,000 for a variety of projects. These projects may include festivals, community forums or cultural celebrations that support positive expressions of multiculturalism. The grants especially support projects that use a collaborative community approach and challenge racism and hate.

Examples of projects that have benefited from these grants in the past include:

* An anti-racism forum designed to bring the community together to share mindful and respectful dialogue about the current landscape of racism.

* An event for immigrants and non-immigrants to come together in a safe and welcoming environment to learn about and celebrate their cultural heritage traditions.

The B.C. government provides $300,000 annually through the Multiculturalism Grant Program to support not-for-profit organizations whose activities highlight British Columbia’s rich multicultural heritage, and nurture empathy and inclusion. The funding is provided by community gaming grants for projects or events that promote cultural expression and anti-racism and discourage discrimination and hate.