Russell Brand became postman for sex

Los Angeles–Actor-comedian Russell Brand said he became a postman so that he can have sex with women while he delivered letters to them.

The 38-year-old actor claims that he was a mailman for three weeks because he thought women would want to have early morning sex with him, reports

He said: “I was a mail man for a little while – it didn’t go well. In my mind there’s a cultural illusion that this is an opportunity for early morning conjugal activity.”

“I thought the housewives would open the door with a gesture to the nether regions. It turns out it’s not a window for sex. They just want the letters basically. I thought as a mail man, sex would be everywhere for me. Simply not true. It was series of doors being closed in my face,” he added.

After realising that being a postman did not give him the added bonus of casual sex, the comedian resorted to stealing mail.

He said: “It was a zero percent success rate, so I just resorted to stealing letters. It was the only way to cheer myself up. The money’s not very good so you’re not incentivised to not steal the letters.”

The star, who divorce Katy Perry in 2012, recently claimed he was trying to be more “discerning” about who he sleeps with and attempting to calm down his sexual obsessions.—IANS