Safe Surrey Coalition demands mayor’s immediate resignation, wants someone “trustworthy and honest” to lead City

SAFE Surrey Coalition on Thursday demanded that Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke step down immediately, alleging that her “blatant abuse of power and betrayal of the public trust has enraged the people of Surrey,” in connection with her false statement regarding the Metro mayors’ resolution on policing in Surrey.

SSC Councillor Doug Elford said: “Mayor Brenda Locke had the premeditated intent to mislead and deceive the public with a false statement even when MVRD [Metro Vancouver Regional District] and Solicitor General [and Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth] stated she was incorrect. Mayor Locke doubled down on her statements, clearly showing it was always her intent to deceive the public. To use the office of the Mayor for such dubious actions is an abuse of power and Mayor Locke should step down immediately.”

The SSC noted: “The accusations against Mayor Locke have caused confusion and mistrust among the public and Metro Vancouver mayors. Ten Metro Vancouver mayors have come out and said that they do not agree with Brenda Locke’s interpretation. It’s important that elected officials are transparent and accountable in their communications with the public. Mayor Locke’s actions have shown a complete disregard for this principle, she is continuing to refuse to remove her false statement from the City of Surrey website and apologize.”

It added: “The people of Surrey deserve elected officials who will work in their best interests and be honest with them. Mayor Locke’s refusal to apologize for her abuse of office shows that she is not fit to hold the position of Mayor. It is time for her to step down and allow someone who is trustworthy and honest to lead Surrey.”