Safe Surrey Coalition releases “Fiscally Responsible Simple Government” platform



THE Safe Surrey Coalition unveiled its platform for “Fiscally Responsible Simple Government” Tuesday, explaining its rationale and specific proposals via a grassroots video.

Citing the two basic expectations of Surrey residents when it comes to their tax dollars – “that they receive good service and that politicians have respect for public money” – the Safe Surrey Coalition released its 8-point platform to get back to more effective service delivery and greater oversight over tax dollars.

The proposals are grounded in a philosophy that the City of Surrey must return to focussing on services that fall within a tight fiscal framework, according to Surrey mayoral candidate Doug McCallum.

“Years of out of control spending, waste and involvement in speculative business ventures have moved the city away from meeting the needs of Surrey residents,” said McCallum.  “This plan puts the taxpayer first, both in terms of allowing the city to address pressing issues and priorities, and by having greater respect for taxpayer dollars.”

The eight proposals are:

* Freeze taxes for two years

* Reverse growing debt through an aggressive repayment plan

* Shut down the Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC)

* Eliminate plans to build a district energy heating system

* Cut the City of Surrey operating budget by 3 per cent

* Establish fixed cost public tenders

* Discontinue the Surrey Regional Economic Summit

* Reprioritize and increase funding for the Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategic Plan

A change in philosophy and subsequent direction is an immediate step that must be taken to put Surrey back on track, said McCallum.

“We have to start investing taxpayers’ money differently,” said McCallum.  “City projects must benefit all citizens, which requires a complete overhaul of how City Hall interacts with the citizens of Surrey.”

The full list of platform facts and proposals can be viewed at the Safe Surrey website: