Sarup Mann’s Ansatel Communications Completes 30 Years & Still Going Strong

In the early eighties when Sarup Mann started Ansatel Communications in Vancouver he might not have imagined that his company would diversify and grow to such heights and be the leader and pioneer in its field. Yet today, thirty years after that initial step, his communications company has achieved exactly that. Ansatel is the leader in the field of communications over all its rivals by a long margin. Mann’s company is also the only one that is in partnership with Panasonic for business telephone systems, voice mail systems VOIP lines, equipment phones and data cabling.

Mann, President of Ansatel Communications Inc, lives in Vancouver, providing sales and service for business clients including telecommunication equipment, network and fiber-optic installations. Ansatel is one of Canada’s leading converged communications providers offering combined data and voice solutions. Solutions are integrated and innovative thereby helping clients grow seamlessly into the future.

Apart from being a highly successful businessman, Mann finds the time to engage in lots of volunteer work as well, especially in the fields of education and health care.

“These two fields are very close to my heart. I feel if youngsters are given right and equal opportunity for quality education this in turn will help them become better individuals and go a long way in them becoming successful,’ Mann told The Voice.

Mann is a founding Board member of both PACE College Surrey BC and Pacific Youth Robotic Society Vancouver BC. He serves as a volunteer with numerous community organizations. He is a member of the Simon Fraser University India Advisory Council and the UBC Partnership Advisory Committee (Guru Nanak College of Nursing, Punjab, India). He is Regional Convenor, West for the Canada India Foundation. He is also founding board member and current President of the Canada India Education society. He is on the international advisory committees of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Punjab, India.

Sarup Mann is dedicated to promoting relations between Canada and India, and promoting the Indo Canadian community. He passionately believes in higher education and research as the means for creating employment and prosperity for all.

Mann’s younger brother Jas is his constant support as well as his partner and now for the last two years his son Kevin has also joined him in business.

“My son Kevin completed his diploma from Kwantlem University and now he is gaining more specialisation in the field of communications. Now I think the time will slowly be coming when I will hand over the reins to Kevin and Jas as I’m not getting any younger,” said the 57-year-old Mann.

But despite his years Mann is still very actively involved in all his business and volunteer work.

In fact his Canada India Foundation just recently invited former Chief Election Commissioner of India, TS Krishnamurthy to Canada for a series of talks.

“We at the Canada India Foundation keep doing whatever little we can to bring eminent personalities from India to Canada for visits and talks. If people here interact with these luminaries they are bound to learn so much. For example, Mr Krishnamurthy is such a knowledgeable and humble person and there is so much to learn from him,” said Mann.

Although Mann has achieved a lot of success with his business and volunteer work he still wants to keep going strong till his retirement.