See The Future Of Surrey

Concord Pacific Opens New Presentation Centre in Whalley

surrey skyline


The future is here. This is what most developers claim about Surrey. This claim of developers gained further momentum when Concord Pacific unveiled their new presentation centre this week in the heart of the city just adjacent to King George Skytrain Station.

In the past, Whalley and its surrounding area has been notorious for unwanted activities, but if you ask major developers they collectively agree this is now the area that will see maximum development.

Using this new sentiment of Whalley as the backdrop, the grand opening of Concord Pacific Presentation Centre was all the more impressive with a high-tech interactive 3D model which featured highrises in the show titled –See The Future.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts was there to unveil the state-of-the-art interactive model. It will be a focal point for locals, planners and those visiting the city for years to come.

“The community presentation centre will allow residents an exciting glimpse into Concord’s holistic approach to building communities,” said Dianne Watts.

“Accumulating knowledge and supporting communities we develop in, is important to building sustainable communities,” explained Concord President and CEO, Terry Hui. “Surrey and Metro Vancouver attract the best of cultures from around the world and we have so much to learn locally from this diverse mosaic,” he said.

Located adjacent to the King George SkyTrain station, the Concord Pacific’s Community Presentation Centre and interactive marquee model are now open daily for tours to the public. Park Avenue, the latest phase of Concord’s Surrey community, will be launched formally on June 22nd.

“From an economic standpoint, we’re looking at $5 billion of infrastructure being put into the downtown core of Surrey City Centre, so we’re really excited about the opportunity of what it provides in terms of job growth,” said Grant Murray, VP Sales of Concord Pacific.

According to the latest census, Vancouver’s total population is just over 600,000 and that of Surrey just passed 500,000. So the rapid growth of Surrey is self-evident.

“With almost 13,000 to 14,000 people a year moving into Surrey, it will pass Vancouver’s population in 10 to 12 years,” said Murray.

Concord Pacific also announced that it is creating a scholarship and bursary to support students from the Surrey school district over the next 10 years, starting this fall.

The Concord Progressive Community Entrance Scholarship and Concord Progressive Community Bursary will be worth $2,500 each.

“I want to thank Concord Pacific for their investment in 20 future students of the Surrey school district,” said Joanne Curry, executive director of Simon Fraser University Surrey.
“It’s ensuring that talented students and students with financial need access university education.”

Concord Pacific’s new building—Park Avenue– is having its grand opening Saturday.

The grand opening takes place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 13718 100th Ave, Surrey on June 22nd.