Seismic upgrades complete at two Surrey schools

SEISMIC upgrades have been completed at two Surrey elementary schools — George Greenaway and Holly — with several other school projects under construction.

“We know it’s vital that children have safe places to learn and grow, and I’m pleased that two more schools in Surrey have finished seismic upgrades,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister for Education and Child Care, on Monday.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done to seismically improve schools in Surrey, and our government will continue to work with school districts to create more safe learning environments for students across the province.”

The Government of B.C invested $21.4 million for seismic upgrades to George Greenaway and Holly elementary schools. Since September 2017, the Province has funded six seismic upgrades in the Surrey School District, ensuring more than 4,100 students have a safe place to learn.

The upgrades at George Greenaway and Holly Elementary schools are part of the Province’s commitment to improving schools for students in Surrey. Since 2017, 11 new or expanded schools have been completed in Surrey, including the new Edgewood Drive Elementary, opened in January 2021, and the 150-seat addition to Frost Road Elementary, opened in 2020. There are currently nine projects under construction for new and expanded schools in Surrey as enrolment grows. Over the past five years, the Province has approved $475 million for new schools, expansions, upgrades and land purchases for schools in Surrey.

To continue improving schools for students, Budget 2022 includes $3.1 billion to be invested in school capital projects over the next three years, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and land purchases for future schools.

Mike Starchuk, MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale, said: “The Cloverdale area is a wonderful community, and many people are moving here to raise their families. Our government is working hard to find creative solutions that meet the needs of this fast-growing community and provide students in the region with safe, modern and inspiring learning environments.”

Garry Begg, MLA for Surrey-Guilford, noted: “A safer school will give the students of Holly Elementary the security needed to thrive in their learning environments. The Guilford area has unique needs and that’s why it’s important that our government is working so hard to create safe schools for students, parents and staff that live and work here.”

Laurie Larsen, Chair, Surrey Board of Education, added: “Every child deserves to learn in a safe learning environment. The seismic upgrades at both George Greenaway and Holly Elementary schools are critical in ensuring the safety of our students in the event of an earthquake. The progress on both of these projects brings us closer to our goal of having all students in our district in seismically safe schools as soon as possible.”


Quick Facts

* In just under five years, the Government of B.C. has approved over $1.2 billion in seismic upgrades or replacements at 58 schools provincewide, so more than 31,400 students can be safer at school.

* $2.7 billion has been invested in school capital projects since 2017 for seismic upgrades, new and expanded schools, and site purchases for future schools.

* The Province has invested $325 million in Vancouver and $115 million in Richmond for a total of 22 seismic upgrades or replacements in those communities since September 2017, replacing Eric Hamber Secondary, as well as Bayview, David Lloyd George, Henry Hudson and Sir Matthew Begbie elementary schools with new facilities, as well as partial replacements of Manoah Steves and Mitchell elementary schools, providing modern and safe schools for thousands of students and staff throughout the Lower Mainland.


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