B.C. Liberal Caucus claims strong finish in first fall session as Official Opposition

Rich Coleman
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

AS the fall legislative session comes to a close, the B.C. Liberals say they have worked hard for British Columbians by holding this minority government to account on a number of broken promises and endless expensive reviews that are simply holding up progress.
“Within their first few months as a minority government, the NDP haven’t fulfilled a single key campaign promise like $10-a-day childcare or the $400 renters rebate,” said Opposition Leader Rich Coleman. “People in B.C also won’t be seeing ride sharing for years to come, and we have yet to get confirmation on the hydro rate freeze that was announced without approval from the BCUC.”
“We will keep defending B.C jobs on projects like Site C, demanding answers for the 80,000 people still stuck in gridlock in the George Massey Tunnel and ensure British Columbians know that John Horgan is unfairly rigging the referendum that is changing the way we vote in this province,” said Coleman.
The B.C. Liberals say they stood up for British Columbians on a number of other important issues as well, including:
· Putting forward amendments that could have stopped British Columbian’s taxpayer dollars from being used to subsidize political parties
· Calling for the government to defend our resource-based economy from further divestment and uncertainty
· Putting forward amendments that would have included all stakeholders in ride sharing consultations as opposed to a one-sided discussion
“We remain committed to protecting B.C jobs, defending our economy from poor government policy meant to scare off investment and making sure the NDP don’t break anymore promises while balancing the spring budget,” said Coleman.