Shame on you, RCMP Inspector Baltej Singh Dhillon!

An obstruction of justice inquiry should be launched against him

IT seems to us that RCMP Inspector Baltej Singh Dhillon has lost all sense of pride and dignity – and is letting down the very South Asian community that stood by him when he was being brutally attacked by white racists, including those in the RCMP, for refusing to compromise on his Sikh identity and kept proudly wearing his turban.

He has even tried to sabotage the Surrey Police Service by his fake plea, while sucking up to the RCMP officers’ union, to put off the transition from the Surrey RCMP because of the so-called high costs during the pandemic even though everything has been going so smoothly.

Why are you stooping so low, Baltej?

(Dhillon is currently a Program Manager for the Crime, Guns and Intelligence Group with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) of BC.)

And now, Baltej, you have been exposed by Richmond teacher Kiran Sidhu whom you approached in such an unprincipled manner in connection with the criminal investigation involving Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord’s wife, Lorraine, who behaved like a rude racist when she allegedly threatened Sidhu and assaulted her by spraying her for walking on the rocks in front of her Centennial Beach home as Sidhu was trying to get to safety.

Sidhu told Global News she was approached by Dhillon with ties to a ranking officer in the Delta Police Department, while the Surrey RCMP was still investigating the alleged assault.

Isn’t that OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE – and jail time? Will Surrey RCMP be honest to probe this please?

Sidhu said she got a call that he wanted to meet and talk about all that had been happening in connection with the Lorraine Dubord case.

Lorraine – Wife of Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord

She told Global News that she agreed to the meeting because Dhillon is a prominent member of the South Asian community and had a good reputation.

She said: “It was more about, ‘let’s use this media attention to pivot into something that’s beneficial to the community. Whether that would be furthering the cause of South Asian people or furthering the cause of anti-racism in Delta.”

Global News reported: “But according to Sidhu, Dhillon disclosed that he was friends with and had served together in the RCMP with a current high ranking officer in the DPD. He also told her that he’d been asked to reach out by someone at the City of Delta.”

Dhillon, like a coward, refused to talk to Global News – and the City of Delta had no comment. That’s what you call transparency, Delta Mayor George Harvie?

The Surrey RCMP did a good investigation, we must say, and recommended charges of uttering threats and assault. But the B.C. Prosecution Service opted instead to pursue “alternative measures,” an option commonly given to young offenders or adults with no criminal history in which they accept responsibility for the crime and make amends, Global BC points out.

Or was it just plain RACIST BIAS on their part?

Baltej, don’t disgrace yourself more than you already have – just retire while you still have some respect left!