Site C decision: BC Liberals accuse NDP of incompetence

MLA Tom Shypitka, BC Liberal Critic for Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation, said on Friday that the fact that Site C is proceeding is good news for British Columbians, as it will provide the province with a source of clean and reliable power for the next 100 years.

However, he added: “The NDP’s incompetence in managing the project – with costs now having doubled under their watch – is a major source of concern. When [Premier] John Horgan took over the project, his energy minister confirmed it was on time and on budget. Since then, we have seen bungling, delays, and excuses that are proving costly to taxpayers.”

Shypitka said: “Horgan instituted a review by the BCUC and established a new oversight committee for the project and today’s report by Peter Milburn – finally released – shows how inept the NDP’s handling of the project has been. In fact, it suggests that concerns around geotechnical issues were raised in 2018 and it took two years for the government to notice.

“John Horgan wasn’t honest about the project during the snap election and now all British Columbians are being made to pay the price for his government’s incompetence.

“We can’t afford to allow John Horgan’s ineptness to continue. No more hiding reports, no more delaying information. The NDP needs to put a plan and controls in place that ensure the incompetence ends as this is a much-needed project as we move towards a clean, sustainable energy future.”