South Asian Canadian Chamber of Commerce invites all to inaugural dinner and dance event



THE South Asian Canadian Chamber of Commerce is hosting a “Royal Dinner and

Dance” evening on July 11 in Hamilton, Ontario, to mark the chamber’s inauguration. They are extending a warm invitation to businessmen, professionals and self-employed.

The event will provide an opportunity to know more about the South Asian Canadian Chamber of Commerce, its guiding philosophy and purpose. In keeping with their motto ‘Prosperity Beyond Borders,’ this event will also offer an immensely valuable networking opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse set of people and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

You can look forward to a fun-filled, exciting evening for the whole family packed with endless entertainment, a sumptuous spread of food and engaging activities for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

For more information and tickets, contact Jasmeet Kaur at (289) 489-2030, Mokshi Virk at (416) 804-5005 or Jasdeep Singh at (647) 462-4846