Speaker Darryl Plecas removed from BC Liberal Party

Darryl Plecas

THE BC Liberal Party announced on Saturday that Darryl Plecas, MLA for Abbotsford South, who was acclaimed as Speaker of the House on Friday, has had his party membership revoked.

In a letter to party members, Sharon White, President of BC Liberals, said: “At its best, politics is built on trust. Constituents must be able to trust their elected representatives. Party members must be able to trust those who hold positions of leadership in the party. And members of the legislature must be able to trust one another.

“Yesterday in Victoria, that trust was broken when the MLA for Abbotsford South accepted the opportunity to serve as Speaker of the House, despite repeated promises and assurances that he would not do so. As a result, the NDP government will enjoy an expanded margin of seats that will enable them to control the House for the foreseeable future – even though our party won the most seats and the most votes in the election.

“In the hours following his decision, the Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association requested on behalf of local party members that the Party Executive revoke Dr. Plecas’ membership in the party – the strongest action available to us. Today, the Executive passed a Special Resolution to that effect.

“None of us are happy about these events. As BC Liberals, we pride ourselves on working hard together, sticking together when times get tough, and having respectful debates within a strong, united party – and that is the spirit we will continue to build on in the months ahead.

“Already, we are seeing a steady increase in membership applications as word spreads about the upcoming leadership race that will shape our party’s and British Columbia’s future. This is an opportunity to make our party bigger and stronger than ever, and to decisively win the next election – and together, we’re going to get it done.”