Sport Surrey, City of Surrey, wins BC Tourism Award for Access and Inclusion

SPORT Surrey, City of Surrey, has been recognized for Access and Inclusion at the BC Tourism and Hospitality 2023 Awards.

This award recognizes an individual, organization or consortium operating in British Columbia that has made a significant contribution toward creating inclusive and welcoming experiences for everyone. Through established initiatives and actions, nominees have demonstrated commitment to supporting accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion within their operations, products, services and experiences.

“The City of Surrey is leading the way in creating more accessible and inclusive communities where people of all abilities can live, learn, work, and play,” said Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke. “We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Council will always continue to look for ways to enhance and expand access and inclusion in Surrey.” 

Nine awards were given out that recognize and celebrate excellence, leadership, and innovation within British Columbia’s tourism and hospitality sector, showcasing the province’s most exceptional leaders and positive change-makers.

“The winners and finalists of the 2023 BC Tourism and Hospitality Awards are a testament to the rich talent and hard work of those in the hospitality and tourism sector across our fair province,” said Ingrid Jarrett, President and CEO of the BCHA. “We are delighted to honour their achievements and recognize the impact they have made.”

The City of Surrey says it is committed to providing accessible and inclusive services, programs and opportunities for all members of the community. For information about accessibility and inclusion in Surrey, visit


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