Statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism

Air India Flight 182
Right front door of Air India Flight 182.
PRIME Minister Stephen Harper on Monday issued the following statement to mark the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism:

“On this day, we pause to remember those who have lost their lives due to acts of terrorism, both here in Canada and around the world.

“On June 23, 1985, Canadians experienced the worst terrorist attack in our history when a bomb on Air India Flight 182 killed all 329 passengers and crew members aboard, most of them Canadian.

“On this sombre anniversary, we stand in solidarity with all families who have been affected by terrorist acts and honour the memory of those targeted by these hateful crimes.

“Our Government has taken action to fight terrorism in all of its forms, from our actions in Afghanistan to efforts here at home. Recent domestic initiatives include the adoption of Canada’s Counter-terrorism Strategy, the listing of several new terrorist entities under the Criminal Code, the 2013 Royal Assent of the Nuclear Terrorism Act and the Combating Terrorism Act, and the 2011 Kanishka Project – a five-year national initiative to improve our ability to counter terrorism and keep Canadians safe – all of which will help law enforcement and intelligence agencies to disrupt plans and preparations for terrorist attacks and investigate past acts of terrorism. Of particular importance is the passing of the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act in 2012, which allows victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators and supporters of terrorism.

“Global terrorist activity in recent weeks has reminded us of the threat posed by terrorism and the pain and suffering it brings to victims. The numerous memorials and days of remembrance around the world bring us together to honour innocent lives that have been lost to terrorism, as well as provide us with the opportunity to reflect on the need for continued vigilance against the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

“Canada will not allow terrorism to undermine our way of life or that of others around the world.
Canadians reject the use of terrorist violence, no matter where it takes place. Our defence of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law will keep us strong. Our continued vigilance will keep us safe.”

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