Strawberry Hill Elementary School Receives Mayor’s Golden Shoe Trophy

Strawberry Hill ElementaryStudents and faculty of Strawberry Hill Elementary School attended an assembly on Friday afternoon to receive the Mayor’s Golden Shoe Trophy for winning the 2013 Walk and Roll to School Challenge. The challenge, which takes place each year in June, encourages Surrey elementary students to walk or bike to school in efforts to decrease vehicle emissions and traffic congestion.

The winners of the trophy, Mrs. Dhaliwal’s grade seven class, created educational posters and skits, and greeted students every day for the duration of the challenge.

“Inspiring and educating our children to be environmental stewards is key to future health of our community,” says City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. “I want to thank and acknowledge the students’ commitment to the environment.”

“Children are some of the best advocates for making positive environmental change,” says Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of Surrey’s Environmental Advisory Committee. “Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and adapt makes them excellent ambassadors for change in our communities. Congratulations to the grade sevens at Strawberry Hill Elementary School for their work and enthusiasm around this Challenge.”
The trophy presented to the class is topped with Mayor Watts’ actual shoe.

The Walk and Roll to School Challenge took place this spring as part of Surrey’s 16th Annual Environmental Extravaganza, and was hosted by the Hub for Active School Travel in BC (HASTe BC) in partnership with the City of Surrey.