STUDENTS’ CORNER: No excuse to get bored in summer!

ALISHA KATYALSCHOOL’S out, summers on! Summer is finally here! A time to have fun. A time to go outside and enjoy the sun. But what are kids these days doing? They’re sitting inside, avoiding the sun and playing on their electronic gadgets.

They’re missing out on a chance to go outside to feel the summer breeze and play under the hot sun. There’s so much you can go do outside, especially when the sun is out and shining bright waiting for some kids to come out and play.

“I’m bored” is a phrase often used by kids in the summer. Sure they might have liked the first week of summer doing nothing, but they’re going to get bored just sitting around and that’s when this phrase starts to get used.

But what is there to be bored about? You could go visit the park, stroll along the beach, have a ride at Playland, plan vacations, have a pool party, enjoy a water fight, or even read a book in the sun. There is so much you can do during the summer. There’s absolutely no reason to be bored. No reason at all.

You could also enjoy the summer with ice-cold, brain freezing slurpees. What could possibly be better than sitting outside accompanied by your friends or cousins with a BIG GULP slurpee in your hand?

Summer can be fun if you know how to enjoy it. If you’re sitting around doing nothing, of course it going to be boring. Try to get outside in the sun as much as you can. Because honestly, summer is the only time when the sun is out and it’s hot instead of cold. So enjoy the sun to the fullest before it’s gone!

Grade 9 student