Punjab Police say sufficient evidence to prove complicity of Jagtar Johal

Jagtar Singh Johal in custody in Punjab.

PUNJAB police have rejected Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s allegations that Jagtar Singh Johal alias Jaggi was tortured, reports PTI from Chandigarh.

A police spokesperson said due process of law was followed at every stage, with the accused allowed access to his counsel and family members, as also a team from the UK High Commission.

“Not only did it have sufficient evidence to prove the complicity of Jagtar alias Jaggi in the cases of targeted killings, the police had also ensured that there was no violation of his rights at any stage,” he said while rejecting allegations that Johal was framed and tortured.

Johal was among the five persons arrested earlier this month in connection with the cases of targeted killings, including that of RSS leader Jagdish Gagneja.

Johal, who got married last month, was nabbed from Jalandhar.

The police had claimed that Johal was involved in conspiracy, coordination, funding and arranging of weapons for members of the KLF [Khalistan Liberation Front] module linked to the targeted killings.