Superintendent Harj Sidhu will be Delta’s first South Asian Deputy Police Chief

DELTA Police Department (DPD) Superintendent Harj Sidhu is being promoted to Deputy Chief – Operations.

And Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Superintendent Michelle Davey will be taking on the role of Deputy Chief – Administration of Delta Police.

Delta Mayor George Harvie, Chair of the Delta Police Board, said on Friday: “The Police Board was extremely pleased to approve the appointment of both of these well-regarded and highly qualified policing leaders. This is also a milestone for the Delta Police Department. Superintendent Sidhu will be the department’s first South Asian Deputy Police Chief, while Superintendent Davey is the first woman to be named to Deputy Chief here in Delta.”

Sidhu is currently responsible for frontline policing within the DPD. Some of the highlights from his career include the development and implementation of the DPD’s current service delivery model, the Delta Service Enhancement Plan, as well as creating a computer software system that allows officers to account for their proactive activities. His work in this area has had a number of successes, including a 25% reduction in property crime offences, and has prompted ongoing interest from other police agencies. Sidhu was also instrumental in introducing Business Intelligence Systems that supports evidence based decision making throughout the organization.

Sidhu was the primary investigator on the high profile 2006 Surrey school teacher Manjit Panghali homicide investigation, which led to a successful prosecution in a challenging case where the investigators had to rely on circumstantial evidence.

“Superintendent Sidhu has spent his 27-year policing career with the DPD, and is highly respected by his peers for being an approachable and inclusive leader. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to collaborating with the community and stakeholders in problem solving issues,” said Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord.

“I am proud to be selected as the first Deputy Chief from a diverse background,” says Sidhu. “I’m also excited about the opportunity to work alongside the exemplary women and men of this department. My goal is to continue to serve the citizens of Delta by providing a community centered policing approach that focuses on building safe and healthy communities.”

When Sidhu isn’t at work he enjoys being on the soccer pitch with his daughters, and also living a simpler life on the family’s blueberry farm.

Michelle Davey Photos: Delta Police Department

DAVEY was drawn to Delta because of its reputation as a tight- knit community; one that is very committed to its police department. She will stepping into the role of Deputy Chief – Administration, responsible for COVID response, training and HR.

Davey has 24 years’ experience with the VPD, and is currently responsible for Support Services in the Investigations Division. She is a recognized subject matter expert in mental health issues, and has built innovative partnerships to help ensure those experiencing mental health challenges are not criminalized.

Davey has a strong background in administration, having developed the 2017-2021 VPD Strategic Plan, and establishing many consultative processes with staff. She also oversaw changes to the VPD Compstat, making it more productive and efficient, and initiated a new Cybercrime Unit.

“Superintendent Davey is well known for championing the role of women in policing, and played a key role in the creation of the BC Women in Law Enforcement Association,” said Dubord. “I’m delighted that she brings this passion and of course considerable experience to the Delta Police Department.”

“I am very enthusiastic about working in a smaller community,” said Davey. “I believe I will have a lot of opportunities to create great relationships and community partnerships in Delta, and I’m looking forward to the chance to make a truly meaningful impact here.”

Davey has a pre-teen daughter, and enjoys hiking with her partner and her partner’s children, road cycling and paddle boarding.